Autoclave Sterilizer

  1. Horizontal Rectangular Steam Sterilizer For Pharma & Hospitals

    The Rectangular Steam Sterilizer offers effective sterilization of operation theater tools. This machine makes use of rising temperature steam that is released at a very high pressure to kill the harmful microbes in medical equipment and surgical tools. Objects made of glass and metal get cleaned very well through this machine.
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  2. Rectangular Sliding Door Autoclave

    The Rectangular Sliding Door Autoclave have been designed to render safe and efficient disinfection of different pharmaceutical items such as wrapped or unwrapped goods, instruments and medical vessels. This autoclave device makes use of high-pressure saturated steam for killing the microbes present on the equipment.
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  3. Autoclave Sterilizer

    The Autoclave Sterilizer fulfills the various sterilization requirement of medical clinics and hospitals. It is well suited for disinfecting hospital dressings, surgical instruments, rubber, glassware and plastic goods. It has a sturdy stainless steel cabinet where the aforementioned objects can be placed and disinfected through high pressure steam.
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  4. Fully Automatic Autoclave Sterilizer

    The Fully Automatic Autoclave Sterilizer is a next generation sterilizer that is equipped with innovative features such as door alert and failure alerts. This machine has been completely automated by integrating a programmed microprocessor which gives the operate a user friendly experience.
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  5. Cylindrical Sterilizer

    The Cylindrical Sterilizer has a stainless steel cabinet that is cylindrical in shape. Sterilization of medical equipment and wrapped goods can be carried out in this chamber at high pressure and temperature. Integrated with an intuitive control panel, this machine offers operator friendly experience.
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