Sterilization Biological Indicator

Sterilization Biological Indicator
Product Description

The Biological Indicators for ETO Autoclaves are apt for daily routine checks as well as validation process of ETO (Ethylene Oxide) sterilization. These have been designed to comply with the ISO standards. Basically, these are bacillus inoculated strip as well as metal carriers which are packed together with an ampoule inside the plastic vessel as well as closed/sealed with a closure in which the small filter is positioned. These products enable routine monitoring, qualification, and load checking of the steam sterilization procedure. They specify whether the settings during a steam autoclave sequence were sufficient to attain a defined level of microbial inactivation. Sterilization Biological Indicator, Biological Indicators for ETO Autoclaves are test systems that comprise viable microorganisms with a distinct resistance to a specific sterilization procedure.

Sterilization Biological Indicator Key Points:

  • They aid to monitor whether the essential conditions were met to kill a quantified number of microorganisms for a specified sterilization course.
  • Also used for ethylene oxide (EO) as well as dry heat applications.
  • Render users a level of assurance in their sterilization method.   
  • Come in variety of dissimilar formats for the pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotechnology sectors
  • Can be employed for assorted sterilization processes utilizing steam, ethylene oxide, hydrogen peroxide gas, and more.

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