ETO Sterilizer

  1. Table Top ETO Sterilizer

    The Table Top ETO Sterilizer is a viable option for pharmaceutical industries, hospitals and medical laboratorihttp://www.etosterilizers.co.in/es that have large volume of sterilization requirements. The sterilizer can be placed on a flat surface and loaded with medical equipment that need sterilization. The disinfection is carried by administration of Ethylene oxide gas.
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  2. Horizontal Rectangular Sterilizer

    The Horizontal Rectangular Sterilizer is the perfect solution for hospitals and medical clinics that have large volume of medical equipment and surgical instruments that need sterilization. They are availed in a stainless steel construction with a large inner tank volume and valves to deliver disinfection process.
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  3. Ethylene Oxide Gas Sterilizer

    This Ethylene Oxide Gas Sterilizer is highly effective in disinfecting large quantities of medical equipment and surgical instruments. The machine makes use of Ethylene oxide that destroys the microorganisms thriving on the medical products. It is suitable for disinfecting products that cannot withstand the conventional high temperature steam sterilization.
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